Your ‘pop it, rock it and stop it’ one stop solution for almost everything and anything popping-up. We’re the pop-up experts, taking the pop-up phenomenon to a whole new level across the nation and beyond. Pop Up Now is about anything that is short-term, here today, gone tomorrow. We help build brands, sell stock and create memorable experiences. Pop Up Now is about bringing together ‘pop- uppers’ and ‘pop-upees’ and really anyone who appreciates a pop up (and who doesn’t?). Pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants, pop-up events, pop-up spaces, food trucks, supper clubs and everything else in between. The best bit is, we’re pretty much the full service for everyone – whichever side of the fence you’re sitting on. Even if you’re just looking for some ‘out there’ poppin’ experiences – Pop Up Now is the site to check out.

Pop Up Now is:

  • List your space or place
  • Find your space or place
  • A full seek and design service. Our experts find usual or unusual spaces (depending on your brief), design them from ordinary to extraordinary and all-in-all make it as seamless and painless for you as possible.
  • Pop-up experiences – food trucks, restaurants, festivals, art fairs, galleries, fashion buses, caravans and carts. We love a great idea – so come to us and we’ll bring it to life.
  • Creating and building sensational brands. So if you’re looking for experts to bring your brand to life via a humdinger activation or installation – come have a chat to us.
  • ‘The place’ to check out for people seeking out where and what is  poppin-up around the country.